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Retail Footprint : Store Search

Welcome to the Retail Footprint. This section has been designed to capture the retail map of India as it emerges. It is therefore to be seen as a work in process at all times. At present the Retail Footprint covers the following:

Cities: 114 | Markets: 240 | Malls: 494 | Brands/ Retailers: 137 | Stores: 13327

* Selection Mandatory






Search Instructions
The process of search has been kept simple and flexible. Instructions for search are as below

  1. You can search by Brand/ Retailer OR Category OR Company (in the case of ‘Company’ all brands in the company portfolio will get reflected). Select the parameter you wish to use by clicking on the Round Button (Radio Button).

  2. Click on the drop down button at the next level and select ONE option from the drop down list that appears. For e.g. If you select Brand / Retailer, then go to the next level and click on Select Brands. The list of brands/ retailers will appear in Alphabetical order. Select ONE retailer/ brand whose footprint you wish to see.

  3. Next you select the State, then the city and whether you want to see mall locations, market locations or both.

  4. After selection has been made, press submit.

  5. The search will throw up a map and a table. The map pinpoints the exact location of the market/ mall. The table gives details of address.

  6. To search for outlets for multiple brands/ retailers at the same time, go to ADVANCE SEARCH.

retail jobs from major retail brands in india and abroad

retail jobs from major retail brands in india and abroad

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