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Safety Stock
The extra inventory kept on hand to protect against out of stock conditions due to unexpected demand and delays in delivery
Sale leaseback
The practice of retailers building new stores and selling them to real –estate investors, who lease the property back to the retailers on a long term basis
Sale or return
Goods on consignment is a trading arrangement in
Sales Channel
A distribution route e.g. a brand can choose to sell its products through multiple channels including own stores, department stores, distributors etc.
Sales forecast
A prediction of future sales for a specified period under a proposed marketing plan
Sales per square foot (SPF)
Net sales divided by the square feet of retail selling space. It can be calculated on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. It is calculated as sales/ square feet of space. E.g. if a 1000 sq ft stores does a daily sale of Rs 30,000/- then the daily SPF is Rs 30/-.
Same store sales
A common metric in the retail industry, compares sales of stores that have been in the business for a year or more. This measure allows analysts to determine what portion of new sales has come from sales growth and what portion from opening new stores. Also known as like for like sales.
Seasonal merchandise
Merchandise purchased for a specific season that is only in demand for a short period of time (e.g., summer, Christmas, back to school, etc.).
Socio Economic Classification. A method of classifying the target audience on the parameters of education and occupation only. Under this method of classification SEC A normally refers to the well heeled , while SEC D and E refer to the less prosperous and less educated members of society.
Merchandise that contains defects or damages.
Selling area
Total area used in selling including display area, customer aisles, fitting rooms, and billing area.
Shelf talkers
Form of signage used in a store to announce the offers/prices/product features etc. Usually placed on shelves or fixtures near the products for which it is applicable.
Shop floor
The selling area in a retail store
Shop in shop
A pre-determined area within a store that is given to a brand – normally on consignment terms. The area is managed and branded by the brand.
The act of stealing merchandise – normally by people posing as customers - from a store that is open for business.
Refers to the customer practice of viewing merchandise in a store and then buying it for the best deal online.
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