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Rack jobber
Special type of vendor who is assigned shelf space in a store with the responsibility for keeping it stocked with quick-turning merchandise
Range plan
A seasonal plan that has an item wise list of the lines to be ordered, along with the quantities , costs and margins.
Rate of sale
The number of pieces selling per option per outlet per week for all outlets stocking the option e.g Rate of sale for a white, full sleeve shirt with button down collar that sold 450 pcs across 10 stores over 15 weeks will be 3 i.e 3 pcs sold per week per store for this option.
Refers to the number of people who will be exposed to one or more promotional messages
Ready to stitch
Refers to the sale of fabric pieces or sets of fabric which can be stitched into a finished garment. E.g. a cut piece of fabric for a trouser will be sold as a ready-to-stitch trouser. Sometimes, the manufacturer may even add the trims like buttons and zips to make it easier for the customer to convert the product into a wearable garment. You can even have a ready to stitch salwaar kameez dupatta where all 3 pieces of the garment are provided in fabric form.
All changes in prices that lower the value. It includes markdowns, employee and consumers discounts and inventory shortages
Reorder levels
Reorder level (or reorder point) is the inventory level at which a company would place a new order.
Reorder Point
The stock level at which new orders must be placed
Retail Chain
A firm that consists of multiple retail units under common ownership and usually has some centralization of decision making.
Retail Life Cycle
A theory asserting that institutions like the goods and services they sell pass through identifiable cycles with four stages innovation, accelerated development, maturity and decline
Retail Merchandising
The science of offering the right goods to ultimate customers at the right price, at the right location, and at the right time.
Retail Mix
The mix of variables which form the overall retailing strategy. including location, merchandise, communications, price, services, physical attributes and personnel,
Retail POS System (Retail Point of Sale System)
A computerized system made up of retail software and point of sale hardware. It is used for billing and for recording transactional data.
Returns on Investment = (annual profit)/(investment capital) . This is a financial calculation and refers to the ratio of money gained or lost on an investment relative to the amount of money invested. ROI is usually given as a percent and calculated on an annual basis. It is used to compare returns on investments. For instance, a Rs 1,000 investment that earns Rs 50 in interest generates more cash than a Rs 100 investment that earns Rs 20 in interest, but the Rs 100 investment earns a higher return on investment.
Rs 50/Rs 1,000 = 5% ROI
Rs 20/Rs 100 = 20% ROI
Rotating stock
A method of moving stock around on the shop floor to ensure that new and old merchandise is alternately given an opportunity for display .
Abbreviation for Return to Vendor. Refers to goods that are to be returned to the vendor.
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