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Online to offline. A business strategy that draws customers from online channels to offline stores
The outmoding of a product due to a change in fashion/ technology before its usefulness has been exhausted.
Off price chain
Stores that sell branded apparel and accessories, footwear etc and sell them at a discounted or everyday low prices in an efficient, limited services environment. Occurs when retailers purchase manufacturers overruns at deep discounts for the purpose of offering consumers low prices on branded merchandise
Omnichannel retailing
Selling through multiple shopping channels, including a combination of 2 or more of the following - mobile internet devices, television, radio, direct mail, catalogue, brick and mortar retail stores and online.
Open to Buy
The difference between the planned purchases and purchase commitments already made by a buyer for a given time period, often a month. It is what the buyer has left to spend at any point in a month
Operating Expenses
An accounting term used in all businesses. It indicates sum of all expenses used for running a business.
Opportunity Costs
Benefits that are given up by choosing one type of opportunity over another e.g. If an individual puts money in a business then the opportunity cost he incurs is the interest that the money would earn if he put it in a bank instead.
Organization Chart or Organogram
A graphically display of the reporting relationships within a firm
Over stored Trading Area
A geographic area with so many stores selling a specific good or service that some retailers will be unable to earn an adequate profit
The amount by which a physical inventory exceeds book inventory or the amount by which the actual drawer amount exceeds the reconciled amount at the time the drawer is closed.
The condition where a buyer has committed to purchases exceeding the planned purchase allotment for a merchandising period.
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