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Generation X
Generation X came after the Baby Boomers, and typically covers people born between the mid 1960's and the early 1980's. Gen X was shaped by global political events that occurred during this generation's youth.
Generations Y (also known as Millenials)
Generation Y came after Generation X, and refers to persons born in the 1980’s and reaching young adulthood around the year 2000.

Basic merchandise. Normally unbranded e.g. unbranded salt or sugar etc.
Geographic departmentalization
Refers to an organizational structure based on geographic areas (e.g. a retailer having a north, south, east and west division, each headed by a senior manager)
Giffen goods
Goods whose demand increases by increasing its price. In normal situations, as the price of a good rises, the substitution effect causes consumers to purchase less of it and more of substitute goods. In the Giffen good situation, the income effect dominates, leading people to buy more of the good, even as its price rises. The classic example given is of inferior quality staple foods, whose demand is driven by poverty that makes their purchasers unable to afford superior foodstuffs. As the price of the cheap staple rises, they can no longer afford to supplement their diet with better foods, and must consume more of the staple food. Some types of premium goods are sometimes claimed to be Giffen goods. It is claimed that lowering the price of these high status goods can decrease demand because they are no longer perceived as exclusive or high status products.
GMROI (Gross Margin Return On Investment)
GMROI is a key retail performance indicator. It is a numerical indicator of the company’s return on its investment for an item or group of items and is calculated as follows
A center of Floor fixture that allows for flexible display.
Goods on Consignment
Goods on consignment is a trading arrangement in which the vendor sends good to the retailer who pays the vendor only as and when the goods are sold. The vendor remains the owner of the goods until they are further sold and after a certain period takes back the unsold goods.
Greenfield projects
new projects
A woven fabric as it comes from the loom and before it is sent for finishing. It is actually a cream-ish color.
Grey Goods
Goods that are sold in a grey market. Essentially goods that have been smuggled into the country.
Grey market
A market which sells smuggled goods. Generally includes well known branded product. They are often sold by unauthorized dealers at prices that are determined locally.
Grid Layout
A rectangular arrangement of fixtures and aisles in a more or less repetitive pattern. Secondary aisles run at right angels to the main aisles and each aisle is usually of the same width for the entire length. Popular for supermarket and discount formats.
Gross Area
Total area of a store – including external space like verandahs and internal spaces like staircase etc. The total area for which rent is being paid.
Gross Merchandise Value (GMV)
This refers to a term used in online retailing to indicate a total sales dollar value for merchandise sold through a particular marketplace over a certain time frame.
Gross profit (margin)
The difference between an item's retail price and its cost.
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