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Early adopters
Those consumers who purchase fashion merchandise in the early stage of the product life cycle.
Abbreviation for Earnings before interest, depreciation, taxes and amortization. The Ebidta is a popular metric to judge profitability of a company since it eliminates the effects of financing (interest) and accounting (taxes, depreciation) decisions.
Exclusive Business Outlet. This refers to a retail store that keeps only a single brand e.g. a Levis exclusive showroom.
Economic Order Quantity ( EOQ)
Size of an order at which the total procurement cost and inventory carrying cost is the minimum.
EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
Ability to electronically exchange purchasing information between your retail software and the vendor's system.
EDLP (Every day Low Pricing)
A pricing strategy whereby a retailer strives to sell all of its goods and services at consistently low prices throughout the selling season.
End caps
The end pieces of display units typically used to display promotional items.
Entry level price point
The lowest price point in the range. Normally a strategic price point. Also known as the lead in price point.
EOSS : Abbreviation for End of Season Sale
The discount sale that most apparel retailers has at the end of a season to clear the last seasonís stock. India the EOSS is held twice normally. Once at the end of summer and once at the end of winter.
Evening Economy
The economic benefits derived from the utilization of spaces uses within a town centre that attract visitors in the evening for leisure and entertainment purposes, such as cinemas, theatres, public houses, bars, restaurants, bingo, night clubs and casinos.
Exception reporting
Reporting that only includes information not meeting established criteria. For example, if you plan to sell between 2% and 5% of your inventory per week, then exception reporting would allow you to report on product sales outside your criteria limits (e.g. product sales that fell below 2% or rose above 5%).
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