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To cut into; cause to become reduced; diminish e.g. New products introduced in the next six months will cannibalize sales from established lines. Also occurs when sales of one store are negatively affected because of sales of another store e.g. If Brand X has a store in Connaught Place and they open a second store in the same market. there is a danger that the second store will ‘cannibalize’ ( cut into/ reduce) the sales of the first store.
Carpet Area
The net usable area available for a store - the area that can be ‘carpeted.’ Technically the carpet area is calculated by measuring space between walls ( as measured from the inside of the walls – the internal perimeter) and does not include space taken up by columns and staircases. However, for working purposes, many retailers take the entire internal perimeter area as carpet area.
Carrying and Freight Agent (C&F agent)
A business intermediary who buys goods in bulk from the manufacturer and bills them further to retailers as per orders booked by the manufacturers sales team. Different from the whole seller/ distributor in that he does not play an active selling role.
Cash & Carry stores
These are wholesale stores that cater to retailers, hotels and offices. Prices are normally discounted. Products are bundled in wholesale packs. E.g. Metro. Internationally these stores also cater to individuals, but in India on account of FDI restrictions they only cater to other businesses. Also known as Price Clubs
Cash discounts
Discount on the invoice when a retailer pays in a certain specified time e.g. payment within 7 days of delivery may earn a cash discount of 3%
Cash register
A cash register is a mechanical or electronic device for calculating and recording sales transactions, and an attached drawer for storing cash. The cash register also usually prints a receipt for the customer. In most cases the drawer can be opened only after a sale, except when using special keys, which generally only the owner or select senior employees have. This reduces the risk of employees stealing from the shop owner by pocketing the money without recording a sale. In fact, cash registers were invented for the purpose of eliminating employee theft or embezzlement; the original name was Incorruptible Cashier.
Cash till
The cash counter in a retail store where bills are cut and cash (and credit card) transactions take place.
Catalogue store
A type of retail store that displays product catalogs from which customers select the product e.g. Argos (UK)
Catchment Area
The geographical area from which trade to a store or centre is attracted; the primary catchment area defines the area from which the vast majority of shoppers (80-90%) tend to use a particular store or centre in preference to other stores or centres.
A classification assigned to a certain group of related retail items e.g. The Men's wear category.
Category killer
An especially large specialty store featuring an enormous selection in its product category and at relatively low prices e.g. Toys R us.
Category Management
A method of organizing the retail structure so that it is managed by product category e.g. men’s, women’s, sports, kids etc
Closed circuit TV. Used to monitor movement in different parts of a store and to deter pilferage
Central business district (CBD)
The hub of retailing in a city. It is the largest shopping area in that city and is synonymous with the term “downtown”. The CBD exists where there is the greatest concentration of office building and retail stores.
Centralised Organsiation
Retail organizations where all strategic and administrative decision-making is done at some central point. This permits a high degree of standardization. These retailers believe that relatively few people who are experts should take all important decisions.
Centralized buying
Occurs when all buying activities are performed from a retailers central headquarters
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