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ABC analysis
A form of analysis that covers a range of items, from inventory levels to customers and sales territories, into three groups: A = very important; B = important; C = marginal significance.
Above the line (ATL)
All advertising activity that uses broadcast and is published to mass audiences through media such as television, cinema, radio, print.
An airport village . A new type of urban form comprising aviation -intensive businesses and related enterprises extending up to 25 kilometers outward from major airports. The term was defined by Dr. John D. Kasarda, an American academic who defined[concept in 2000. It is now being extended to include even non aviation related businesses that are coming up to cater to the customer traffic created by airports.
A business intermediary who acts on behalf of the manufacturers. His role is to collect orders from retailers and subsequently to collect payments. He gets commission on the basis of the collections.
A process that determines the age (number of days old) of product in stock.
Anchor store
A large store, such as a department store or supermarket, that is prominently located in a shopping mall to attract customers who are then expected to also visit the other shops in the mall e.g. Shoppers Stop is the anchor store at Ansal Plaza in Delhi, Garuda Mall in Bangalore and Inorbit in Mumbai.
APMC : Agricultural Produce Marketing Committe
The APMC act instituted by the Govt. of India Markets divides the geographical area of a State into market areas each of which is managed by the Market Committees constituted by the State Governments. Once a particular area is declared a market area and falls under the jurisdiction of a Market Committee, no person or agency is allowed freely to carry on wholesale marketing activities. The mandiís in each market area come under the jurisdiction of the APMC.
Assortment Planning
This term applies to the merchandising and buying function in retail. It refers to the task of determining the specific quantities and features (brands, colors, sizes) of each product being purchased.
The architecture, layout, signs and displays, color, lighting, music and odours which together create an image in the customerís mind. In short, the extra elements that enhance a retail strategy mix.
Automatic reordering system
Involves the use of computers to generate weekly merchandise orders that are based on sales, in relation to model stock plans.
Average Basket Size
Average number of units moving in one singe bill. It is calculated as Total units sold/ No of invoices.
Average Ticket Size
This refers to the average bill value. It is calculated as Total sales / No of invoices.
Average unit value
This refers to the average price of a single unit. It is calculated as Total value/ No of units.
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