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PepsiCo makes changes in leadership
Posted On: 14-01-2014 00:00:00 14

PepsiCo India has made major changes in its senior leadership structure. The new structure clubs beverages and foods into an single entity, with functions of marketing, operations, HR, finance, legal, corporate affairs and R&D being brought together under common heads. Internally, the structure is changing from a business unit based organization to an integrated 'power of one' function - a strategy led by global chairman Indra Nooyi. Key global markets such as Russia and China follow this model.

People changes at the top level include :

Three Chief Operating Officers heading foods, company owned bottling, and franchisee bottling, respectively, will report directly to D Shivakumar (former Nokia India MD and senior vice president for India, Middle East and Africa) , who took over as chairman and CEO in December last year.

Both the current CEOs of beverages and foods, Gautham Mukkavilli and Praveen Someshwar, are moving to take up international assignments within PepsiCo. Someshwar is moving to PepsiCo Hong Kong as senior vice-president and general manager, North Asia and the Philippines as well as Asia-Pacific regional sales. Mukkavilli will also take on an Asia-Pacific role as senior vice-president, business transformation, but will be based in Gurgaon.

Pratik Pota, who's been with the company for more than eight years and is CEO of PepsiCo's joint venture with the Tata group NourishCo, has been named vice-president and COO of the company's bottling operations.

Samudra Bhattacharya, another company veteran, has been reassigned as vice president and COO of franchisee bottling.

Foods will be headed by vice president and COO Partho Chakrabarti, now VP and GM of Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines.

In related developments, Deepika Warrier, marketing for beverages since mid-2010, will oversee marketing for foods as well.

Sudipto Mozumdar, general manager for the value foods division under Lehar, has been named senior director, customer development, of both foods and beverages.

Another company veteran of 20 years, Kanish Malik, will be vice president, technical operations of both arms.

The changes at PepsiCo will be fully in place by March 1.


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