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Pervinder Singh: Retail Branding beyond window display
Posted On: 05-10-2012 03:18:06 AM

Pervinder Singh is Business Head – Retail at Percept Out Of Home (POOH), a division of Percept Limited, an entertainment, media and Communication Company. He has 17 years of experience across Design Disciplines viz. Architecture, Interiors, Exhibitions, Graphics, OOH Advertising, Navigation, Visual Merchandising and Strategic Retail Design. He has associated with renowned organizations like Rakesh Sahni & Associates, Mudra - Primesite Division and Platinum Communications Pvt. Ltd., and worked with well known brands like, DMRC, Reliance Infocom, Max New York Life, UBI, Asian Paints, John Player, Wills Life style, VLCC, TISCO, Apollo, Fortis, Hinduja, Wockhardt, Samsung, General-Motors etc. Pervinder Singh has a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) degree, from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.

Store brand business has seen many a phases from the neighborhood store era to the new age mall. The present is a transition where brick and mortar stores or online stores showcase endless international brands. The existing Indian hypermarkets, super stores, food courts, clothing brands flaunt different ways to emote the features of a brand. Niche or mass products are revising the branding approach to strike a profit. The need to increase a brand quotient is crucial for a top of mind recall.

Companies are devising various marketing strategies to attract the ever dynamic set of 2012 consumers. The adoption of the following factors has become vital for a brand shop. A creative yet a smart presence in the mall is key to an idle brand shop.

Dynamics of a shopper loyalty

While some categories induce impulsive shopping the other items in electronics, cars, jewellery are loyalty driven. In such fan driven niche segments customers demand a product experience. Precise messaging of current offers adds as an influence to the mind of a prospective shopper. Today customers can have all the products they need at click of a mouse. However an experience is what the shoppers are looking for while shopping. Fully air conditioned malls coupled with music and floor wise directions attract the interested audience at the desired brand shop. A combined experience of brand shopping added with food and entertainments retain / increase the footfall. A brand shop must display its strength by understanding present consumer psychology.

The Apple store is an iconic example for in-store innovation. The Glass Cube like Apple store in New York is a fine combination of aesthetics and experience.

An offline brand is beyond just a window display. The science of brand shop is a culmination of various elements synchronized together.

Delving further the mind set of a consumer is merging retail shop formats from exclusive to inclusive of other brands. Brand shops are turning a new leaf. The Indian consumer today welcomes retail formats such as apparel brands coupled with shoes and other accessories.

Recently a renowned book store added gaming console and life size toys instead of just books. Such formats have a specific purpose such as increase in ancillary revenue and visitor footfall. Bookstores adding modern entertainment items can introduce book reading to customers who are not inclined to book reading as a past time. Such a multi brand format make music brand shop sell items beyond melody like movies, accessories of portable music players, tongue- in -cheek quote T-Shirts and much more.

An adage that sums the need of right brand shops is ‘What some companies fail to see is that from their customers' viewpoint, their products, services, and brands are viewed as one entity.’ If good things come in small packages then brand shops come in smart packages.


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