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Nandita Dasappa: Fall in Paris and Visual Merchandising
Posted On: 06-12-2010 00:00:00 10

Nandita Dasappa is a retail and Visual Merchandising Professional. With a Masters in Marketing and a specialisation in Visual Merchandising from Institut Francais de Mode, Paris. Nandita has a wide range of experience with Luxury brands in Paris, having worked on assignments with companies like Christian Lacroix, Ralph Lauren, Sonia Rykiel, Escada, YSL. She is based in Paris where she has been living for the past 20 years. She is also a visiting faculty at Pearl Academy of Fashion.

The fall season in Paris always starts with a period called «la rentrée» meaning going back. Going back to work, going back to school, going back to campus . . . after the summer holidays. It is quite a stressful and frustrating time since holidays are over and everyone is back to city stress.

So some stores make it a point to choose exotic and foreign themes for visual merchandising that allow the customer to go on a « trip ». Taking once more a look at the visual merchandising of the Printemps department store one travels all the way to New York! It celebrates US fashion and invites you to discover the feel of the city's different neighbourhoods. Strong elements of New York picked up from the movies and food form the main support for the window displays. In fact, visually the props are more powerful, and the fashion silhouettes are at a stark minimum. The window display is very conceptual, and the prominent negative space in each window gives it the feeling of luxury.

In a high-priced surrounding, more space is thought of as luxury.

As I mentioned in my last feature about Printemps, they have been aiming towards becoming a luxury department store. And through efficient visual merchandising they have won the bet with flying colors.

To enhance the New York theme there is even a live jazz band, playing the New York repertoire, and an art show by the street artist Mr Brainwash known for urban work in New York. The signage « Printemps loves New York » and all it's variations, repeated regularly evoke the street graphics of NYC. Repetition adds to continuity. This theme being very theatrical and original has gone a long way in attracting customers and was powerful enough to last more than two months, which is quite a long life for a merchandising theme.

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The giant props, all representing New York icons, add to a theatrical feeling. The prominent negative space in the window gives it the feeling of luxury.

Variations on "I love New York" appearing repeatedly creates uniformity and adds strength. A series of iconic NYC characters makes for dramatic and very graphic window displays.

A very theatrical window display where fashion is almost in a back seat. But the whole point is that it attracts much attention and tickles the customers curiosity.

Events in tune with the theme adds to the ambiance. Jazz concerts with the New York repertoire are organised every evenning. One could also discover fitness classes, NY recipes cooking classes etc.
Mr Brainwash, a street artist from NY, known for his urban work exhibits 14 works representing NY icons.


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